“Grandma! Grandma, come here, quick!” Bonnie calls, looking fearfully at the corner in the ceiling where the spider is.

“What is it?” her grandmother asks sleepy, in her white night dress.

“There’s a spider there!” Bonnie points at the spider. Her grandmother looks at the corner where the tiny spider is.

“I can’t see it” she says, putting her glasses as close of her eyes as she can.

“It’s right in front of you” Bonnie cries, pointing insistently at it. The old lady sighs, goes to the kitchen and grabs the broom.

“Move away” she asks Bonnie, who runs to near the door. Her grandmother sweeps the spider off of the wall and the spider disappears.

“Where is it?” Bonnie looks at the floor, searching for a dead spider, but the floor is as clean as it has always been.

“I don’t know, but it’s probably dead” her grandmother says, looking for it too “Go to sleep now” she says gently.

“What if it comes back?” Bonnie’s eyebrows raise with fear. Her grandmother laughs.

“Don’t be silly” she leaves the room “Goodnight”

Bonnie sits on the bed, looking at the walls and at every corner on the ceiling and on the floor. No sign of the spider. She sighs and lies on the bed, covering herself with the thin sheet, puts the earphones in her ears and looks at the empty webs above her head. How she wanted to get out of there and live in a big city, in a house with no spiders or flies, or any bug at all. But she was kind of used to this life, it has always been like this for her. Her dad works in a foreign country to sustain her and her grandmother, and the two of them have to stay in this house, without him, or Bonnie’s dead mother. But Bonnie could never get fully used to this life, she hates it. She hates the house, the people (mostly nosy old people), the tiny little town… She dreams about living in a big city, with lots of lights and people, buses and noise.

Thinking of that, she smiles. But she knows she’ll never get that. Those things only happen in fairy tales, where people actually live happy ever after.

                                                                                                                    -  -  - 

Bonnie wakes up at nine o’clock in the morning by the sound of her phone ringing. She usually doesn’t wake up this early, because she’s on summer holidays and her grandmother let’s her sleep until midday, but she picks up the phone.

“Hello?” says an excited voice that she takes 3 seconds to recognize.

“Lisa” she says sleepy “Hello”

Lisa is his father girlfriend. Well, almost. They were together when her father came home to be with his remaining family and Bonnie liked her right away.

“I was thinking that maybe we would like to come to the swimming pool with me?It’s really hot and I wanted to get tanned!” Lisa says with excitement in her voice.

“Hm-” Bonnie is rather slow at this time in the morning “Yeah, sure. Give me just half an hour to get ready”

Bonnie is so tired that she doesn’t know if half an hour is enough to get ready. She puts her bikini on and doesn’t bother to put sunscreen lotion, even though she should because she’s very white.

She hears Lisa’s car coming and she gets out, waving goodbye to her grandmother, who unlike her, gets up very early.

The swimming pool is not far from Bonnie’s house, but it’s in a more crowded place, in the town, where people do they shopping and you can actually see young people walking around.

When Bonnie and Lisa get to the swimming pool, Bonnie sees herself free from the musty smell from the old people and from the nosy talk. In the pool there’s no old people, just teenagers. 

Bonnie takes her clothes off and jumps to the water, not caring about how cold it is or how much people she wets. She loves to swim, but she can only do it when Lisa is around, since the pool is not near enough to walk there and she has no car. 

Bonnie dives in the water and swims under it. She opens her eyes, but its difficult to see and suddenly BAM!, she hits something. First she tought that she had hit a wall but when she gets up she sees a boy, who is also with his hand on his head. He has blue eyes, brown hair and very feminine lips, in Bonnie’s opinion.

“Sorry” he says, checking if there’s blood in his head.

“That’s ok, I didn’t know where I was going” 

When the boy stops to look at her face, he opens his mouth.

“There’s blood on your head!” he gets out of the water without using the stairs and pulls Bonnie out.

“How come I have blood and you don’t?” Bonnie looks at her hand. There’s a little bit of blood, but nothing that justifies the boy’s concerned reaction.

“My mum always said that I am hardheaded”

Bonnie laughs and realizes that her head actually hurts.

“Let’s go to the bathroom so we can wash the blood out” the boy puts his hand on Bonnie’s back and leads her to the bathroom.

“I’m Louis, by the way” he says, wetting a piece of toilet paper.

“I’m Bonnie”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl” he mutters, putting the piece of paper on her head gently.

Bonnie laughs again “You’re just saying that because you’re feeling guilty”

“No, I’m not!” He says, in a faking indignity.

She puts the paper in the trash when the blleeding stops.

“Are you from here?” Bonnie asks him. Beautiful boys like him are not usually made in that little town.

“No, I live in a big city two hours from here” 

They both get back to the water, escaping from the burning and hot sun.

“Then why are you here?” she asks.

“I needed vacations. I was kind of sick of all that noise and people to be honest.”

“Really?” Bonnie raises her eyebrows “You really mustn’t go here much, or you wouldn’t say that”

Louis laughs. “Do you live here?”

“Yes, and it’s no fun at all… I wish I could live in one of those big citys…”

“Well, then maybe you should come visit me some time” he says “I mean, you don’t seem like a rapist or something, you seem a nice girl and I just made you bleed, I think I owe you one”

Louis smiles and Bonnie smiles back. You could definetly see that there was chemistry between them. The way they looked at each other, the way they spoke…

This is the story of how Bonnie managed to get out of the little and poor town she lived in, and go to the city where big things happen. Where she managed to be happy with someone who loved her, no matter where she came from. This is Bonnie’s Cinderella story.